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Jul 252013

Welcome to part two of a two part series on free samples. Part one answered a few questions I often hear about free samples and part two is all about where to get samples as well as some of my most useful tips.

How to get free samples

 I’ve been getting free samples for over a year now with great success, so I want to share with you how I do it. If you haven’t read part one, go check that out first. I answered some questions that a lot of people have when it comes to free samples. You will also find a breakdown of some of the things I’ve been able to get for free. In this post I’ll give you some places to go to find free samples and share some of my tips with you.

Where to Find Free Samples

Here’s four places, that I have used to find free samples

  1. Free Flys - This is a great place to start as they list lots of different freebies and samples. You do have to sign up to use it but if you follow my tips below this should not be a problem.
  2. Money Saving Mom – If you don’t know about Money Saving Mom, than you must check out her site. She posts lots of great deals, freebies and tips about how to save money. The link here takes you to the list of giveaways and freebies on her blog which will show you the most current posts under this category.
  3. Target Sample Spot – Target has a place right in their website where they post samples.  They don’t always have samples, but I’ve gotten a few this way. It is not easy to find unless you know where you are looking so I directed the link there for your convenience.
  4. All You - All You is a magazine that has coupons in it but they also have a website. On the website there is a place where you can find free samples. They also have a newsletter that you can sign up for to get alerts about great deals. (I have not personally used All You for samples yet, but my sister told me about it and said that she’s been able to get some great things with it so that is why I added it to the list.)
  5. P&G – P&G, otherwise known as Proctor and Gamble has a place on their website where they give away samples of their products. I have gotten some great samples through them. They often have multiple samples but you can only get so many per quarter so be aware of that. They also have many different coupon books that you can sign up to receive in the mail which is nice.
  6. Facebook - Like pages on facebook that post links to free samples. This is the quickest and easiest way to find out when new samples are offered. Freeflys updates their page frequently when new samples become available. If you follow Joyful Thrifty Home on Facebook, you may see some samples posted there as well. I don’t post a lot of them, but if I see one that is a great deal or something I think you would be interested in, I’ll go ahead and post it.

Tips About Free Samples

1. Set up a new email address

If you don’t already have one, set up a separate email account apart from your personal email. This is one of the most important steps to take if you plan on signing up for lots of freebies or samples because you don’t want tons of spam getting in the way of your important emails.

Yes, you are more likely to get junk email if you sign up for freebies and special deals, but that’s why setting up a separate email is so important. You can check it as frequently or infrequently as you like depending on how you decide to use it. Personally, I have three separate email accounts (all through Gmail); personal, business and everything else. I use the everything else email when signing up for samples.

Here’s a breakdown of the purpose of each one.
  • Personal Email:  This is your important inbox that you don’t want cluttered with lots of other junk. So use this mainly for correspondence with friends and family. If you get other important emails like information about your bills or bank account use this for that as well. Be careful about what you use for your personal email, you don’t want to end up with unwanted junk if possible.
  • Business Email: This is for anything related to your work or business. You would use this mainly  for correspondence with clients or coworkers. In my case, I use my business email for anything related to my blog.
  • Junk Email: This is pretty much for anything else. I hate to call it junk as it may not necessarily be that, but it it basically anything that would not be considered of high importance. This is the address you would use when signing up for samples and freebies.
2. Act Quickly

If you see a new sample posted act on it as quickly as possible because many samples are only offered to a limited number of people. Also, some freebies or giveaways will open at a specific time. If you know this beforehand you can be ready when it goes live.

3. Be Realistic

You need to realize that once you sign up, your sample won’t be in your mailbox the next day. Most samples can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to be sent out. There is also the possibility that it will never come.  Something could have gone went wrong processing your information or the company just never sent the sample, whatever it is, know that there is a possibility that you won’t ever get it. Don’t let that keep you from signing up though. Even though some took a while, I have received just about every sample I’ve ever signed up for.

So now that you now all about free samples go find some to sign up for and tell me what you got! I’d love to hear your free sample success stories.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten for free?

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  26 Responses to “All About Free Samples {My Tips}”

  1. I have gotten a few free samples before! They are pretty cool. Sometimes I forget that a requested them by the time they get to me and then its like a surprise present in my mailbox! LOL

  2. I love Money Saving Mom! She is actually my inspiration for starting a blog–and who I heard about Blogelina through. :) I like your advice here about having three different email accounts. I really need to do this.

    • I love Money Saving Mom too! Her blog definitely inspired me in many ways with blogging and learning to be more frugal. I also signed up for Blogelina through her! I know it may seem a bit much to have so many different emails, but for me it has been so helpful for keeping things separate. I can also check them all at once with the email app on my tablet which is nice. I just go through it once a day or so and delete anything I don’t need to keep.

      • to blogging convert too :-) I do have separate email accounts – but I need to do a better job of keeping them separate! I use my “personal” one too much ad type stuff. And I’m not being super careful about using my business one for just business – need to get back to that before it fills up with more junk too. A good friend of mine says she created her “junk” email by adding a j to her email name. J for junk of course :-)

  3. Great tips! I have multiple emails for the same reason =)

  4. Good advice about being patient. 4-12 weeks is a long time to wait and if someone isn’t prepared for that, this can be a frustrating venture. Thanks!

    • I often read about people who say they never get the samples in the mail, but I wonder if they just haven’t waited long enough yet. Free samples are great, but it is rare that they come right away. It isn’t like ordering something online and getting it within a week or two, it is free after all! :)

  5. Ashley, I love your blog and all of your efforts. You will do well I am certain. Your blog is well written and quite useful and, I see in my crystal ball you have a great future!

  6. I have tried Free Flys in the past but haven’t in a while. Walmart also has a section where you can get samples on their website. Companies are usually willing to send out samples if you ask as well. I so agree about using a separate email. My personal email would get so many emails that I had to unsubscribe. Great post!

  7. These are great tips, thanks for sharing with us!

    Kristen from The Road to Domestication

  8. Thanks for the list and tips!

    Life With Lorelai

  9. I see some K-cups in that stash, I need to figure out how to get those for free!!!

  10. Why didn’t I think of separate emails? Genius! I do have a personal and a business, but I will definitely need one for junk. You’ve inspired me to give it another go. I’ll check these sample places out!

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  12. I shared your post on our FB Group. Would LOVE for you to be a part of our group and share more of your tidbits!!!

    • Thank you! I would love to join the group. I am definitely not a budget expert but I am always looking for money management tips and I try to offer encouragement when I can.

  13. Hi dear, I want to ask a question
    After you receive the product you receive mail by the companies?

    • No, I don’t think I usually got any other mail from them. I did make sure not to use my primary email address though because sometimes they would send emails. You could always unsubscribe from any emails if you didn’t want to receive them anymore.

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