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May 202015

11 Things to Do When You Are Exhausted - Joyful Thrifty Home

Have you ever had one of those days where you it’s hard to force yourself out of bed in the morning? Once you do finally stumble out of bed, you have little motivation to do anything but crawl back under the covers and sleep the day away. You look around your home and see piles of dishes and laundry taunting you but you’re too exhausted to even attempt to do anything about it.

First, I want to say that I have been there. In fact, I was there most of last week. Exhaustion has taken up residence and it has rendered me pretty much useless for days.

Dishes continued to pile up in the sink, the counter, the dining table and the coffee table as the dishwasher sat with a load of clean dishes. The dirty laundry pile looked like a monster ready to attack. A pile of clean laundry lay on the couch where my cat inevitably decided to make a bed and get it covered in his fur. Plus there’s another basket of clean clothes on the dresser in my bedroom along with more clean clothes taking over the closet floor that I plan to put away but haven’t gotten to it yet. On top of all that my sweet husband made dinner almost every night last week and we ordered pizza on Friday night because we were both too exhausted to want to cook anything.

Exhaustion just plain stinks and for many it can be an ongoing battle. I have dealt with it fairly regularly for years. I have learned that I can’t always make it go away, but there are some things I can do so that I feel at least a little better.

11 Things To Do When You’re Exhausted

1. Get Dressed

I know it is tempting to crawl out of bed and stay in your pajamas all day. It can often feel like too much work just to get in the shower but if you can muster up the strength, do it and when you get out put on something other than your pajamas. I’m not going to say put on your nicest outfit but choose something that you can feel good about wearing. Wearing clothes that make you feel frumpy will only add to your feelings of fatigue.

I would also recommend doing something with your hair and makeup. Again, it doesn’t have to be fancy but my rule of thumb is to look good enough that I wouldn’t be embarrassed or self conscious if I had to leave the house or answer the door to someone I didn’t know.

I know that it may sound a little self absorbed to even say that but you can’t tell me that feeling good about how you look doesn’t change your outlook at least a little. So go make yourself look good and don’t feel guilty about it, okay!?

If you want some more motivation to get dressed each day, check out the ebook Simply Dressed by Victoria Osborn.

2. Play Uplifting Music

When I am having a hard time getting going, I put on some music that I know will help make me feel motivated. For me, this is usually some sort of upbeat worship music or something with a positive message that makes feel happy.

Put on music that puts you in a good mood and if the desire strikes, do a little dancing too!

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of Rend Collective but here’s some specific songs that I like for when I need something to get me moving:

He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli
Write Your Story by Francesca Battistelli
My Lighthouse by Rend Collective
Joy by Rend Collective
More Than You Think I am by Danny Gokey
Hope in Front of Me by Danny Gokey
Overcomer by Mandisa
Because He Lives Amen by Matt Maher
We Are Brave by Shawn Mcdonald
Hurricane by Natalie Grant

Looking for more music ideas? Here’s an older post with my favorite music for motivation.

3. Spend Time With God

I will be honest and say that I have not been good about making this a daily habit. I want to but it seems like so many other things get in the way before I remember. If you struggle with this too, know that I don’t want you to feel guilty about it but I want to encourage you to try making it more of a priority.

God isn’t wagging his finger at you but he does desire for you to build a relationship with him and without that regular time, it’s easy to feel spiritually dry.

I know that when I am exhausted, those are the times I need to hear from him most because exhaustion often leads to frustration, guilt, depression and anxiety. He desires to offer comfort and peace especially when you are weary.

You don’t have to spend hours doing a bible study or writing prayers to connect with God. I think there is a time and a place for that but don’t feel like that’s the only way to truly find connection with Him.

Earlier last week I pulled out my bible and had planned to write in my journal but just felt too exhausted to know what to read or write so I simply sat for a while in silence praying and listening. Just simply taking that time to sit helped give me the refreshment I needed.

If you need some more ideas, here’s some simple ways to fill your life with more of God’s word.

4. Drink Water

You probably know that it’s important to stay hydrated but if you are like me you might go most of the day without even realizing that you haven’t had any water. If you are feeling fatigued, often a big glass of water can help give you a little jolt of energy. Squeeze in a bit of lemon juice or add some lemon slices for an added kick.

One thing I have been doing recently is tracking my water consumption with an app called aqualert. It gives me notifications every hour to drink which helps me remember to get some water. If you need some extra motivation to get your daily water, something like an app or other way to track it might help.

5. Eat a Healthy Snack or Meal

I know how tempting it is to grab something unhealthy when you don’t feel like cooking. The good thing is that a quick healthy snack or meal doesn’t have to take a lot of prep time. Some good options for snacks are nuts, fruits or veggies. If you need a quick meal try something like a smoothie with some hummus and veggies or pita chips.

One other thing I want to mention is don’t skip meals, especially breakfast! Your body needs that fuel to get going in the morning. I had a bad habit for years to skip breakfast but I wasn’t doing myself any favors with that habit.

I try to make a smoothie or have something with eggs and veggies for a good start to my day. I don’t always stick to those but I definitely notice the difference when I eat something like that versus something full of carbs and sugar.


6. Breathe in Some Essential Oils

I use essential oils for lots of things but one of my favorite uses is to get an uplifting mood boost. I either load my diffuser and turn it on near me or sometimes I just take a whiff straight from the bottle. I also recently ordered some inhalers. They have an insert that you drop some oils on then put the insert in a container that you just sniff from. These are great for when you are out without your oils. I keep one in my purse and another with a sleep blend by my bed.

Citrus oils are great for their uplifting scent. My favorite oils for when I need a boost are bergamot, peppermint, orange, grapefruit, rosemary and patchouli. These are good for energy, mood, stress and anxiety as well.

Here’s a couple of my favorite uplifting blends for diffusing:

  • Equal parts bergamot, grapefruit (or rosemary) and patchouli (about 2-3 drops each)
  • Equal parts peppermint and orange (about 3-4 drops each)

7. Make a Plan

You know you need to do something other than sleep all day, so take a few minutes to plan what the most important tasks are for the day. Just be sure to make it realistic with no more than 2-3 things that need to get done. Setting goals is a good habit, even if they are small goals.

I also want to say that planning when you are exhausted is not meant to add on the guilt. I know it’s hard to find the motivation to do anything so try to do what you can and let the rest go for another day. Try not to allow yourself to get stuck by these time management pitfalls.

8. Clean Something

I know it’s not always fun to clean but I feel much better and ready to tackle the next thing after I’ve done a little cleaning. It might just be to clean off the table or the counters but every little bit helps.

9. Get Moving

I know exercise helps fight fatigue, but sometimes that really feels impossible. How am I going to workout when I can’t hardly stay awake or stand up straight?! So if taking on a vigorous workout is too much, just get outside and go for a walk. The fresh air is an added bonus that will help give you a little boost.

If you can’t get outside, open the window to let in some fresh air and do something that gets you moving. When you are exhausted, that fatigue can also translate to your physical body so even some simple stretching to get the blood flowing can help you feel better.

I use a fitness band to help me track my progress with how much I am moving each day. It also helps me keep track of my sleep and food intake. If you need some extra motivation to get healthy, something like this might help.

I got a Jawbone for my birthday. I have one of the older models that isn’t made anymore but I’ve been using it for a few months and liking it so far. I like the look of the newer UP2 but I have also heard good things about the fitbit as well. What I like about the Jawbone is that it has an activity alert that you can set to vibrate at certain intervals to remind you to get up and move.

10. Do Something You Enjoy

Thinking about all you have to do can be even more exhausting so take a little time to do something you enjoy. Maybe it’s reading a book, working on a craft project, writing in a journal or watching a movie.

This week, I have been making more time to read. Currently, I am reading You Are Loved No Matter What by Holley Gerth. This has been a great book especially as I am struggling with fatigue and the guilt of not doing enough when I am tired.

Here’s a great quote from the chapter I just finished on trading guilt for grace;

“You and I are made for joy. We are also made for happiness, fun, laughter and enjoyment. We don’t serve a taskmaster. We serve a good and faithful Father who delights in his children receiving his gifts. So let’s open our hands, our hearts, and our lives a little wider to what He wants to freely give us today.” – Holley Gerth, You Are Loved No Matter What pg. 51


11. Rest

This can sound counter intuitive but when you are feeling fatigued, it is likely that you do need extra rest. I know it’s not always possible to take a nap or even sit for a few minutes, but if at all possible allow yourself to rest when you can. At the very least, try to stick to a decent bedtime. Your body will thank you.

Do Something…Anything

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when you feel exhausted. I get that. So don’t feel like you have to do all of these things. Just pick something and do it even it it means taking a day to rest and that’s it.

Finally, be kind to yourself. Exhaustion is not a free pass to be lazy, it’s your body telling you it needs a break so be kind to yourself and your body. Exhaustion is worse when you heap on the guilt for not being able to do it all. So say goodbye to that voice in your head telling you all the ways you are a failure. Allow yourself the grace to do what you can and recognize that even without exhaustion, you cannot do it all.

11 Things to Do When You Are Exhausted - Joyful Thrifty Home

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May 082015

Dear Woman Who Feels Left Out On Mothers Day - Joyful Thrifty Home

Dear Woman Who Feels Left Out on Mother’s Day,

I want you to know that I see you. I know you walk into church hesitantly, hoping no one wishes you a happy mother’s day because it will only make you feel more awkward. If it does happen you just smile and nod then walk away.

 You sit in the pews praying that they don’t call for all the moms to stand up because you feel like everyone will notice that you are still sitting. I’m sure no one will really notice but you do and it makes the fact that you aren’t a mom sting just a little more than usual. Of course you are grateful for your own mom and want her to know that she is special to you but something about not being a mom yourself makes you feel left out.

 I know you sit there feeling like you are less valued because you aren’t a mom. You wonder if others who have children don’t really take you seriously because you don’t know what it’s like to be in their shoes. You have this idea in your head that you don’t think people will see you as an adult until you become a parent.

 You’ve been married more than five minutes (or five years) so it seems only normal that you would have kids by now…at least that’s what many people seem to think. What those people don’t know is that things don’t always work out that way.

 Life can be hard and maybe it just hasn’t been the right time to add kids into the mix just yet. Maybe you are struggling to even get pregnant so being left out of the mommy club stings all the more.

 You desperately want to connect with other women but it’s difficult when you don’t fit in with most women you know that are your age. It’s not like you can join the MOPS group or go on playdates. So you sit back and long for the day you’ll have your own little baby to hold. Then you will finally be able to join in the discussion about diapers, waking up with baby in the middle of the night and other crazy mommy moments as you watch your child grow up.

 I also know that you wonder if your struggles are less important or not as real because you don’t have the added responsibility of caring for your own children.

 Sure it’s expected that women with kids will have rough days. Kids are a lot of work and you don’t minimize that fact. You really do appreciate the unique struggles that moms deal with. It’s just that you think you don’t have an excuse to not have it all together because you don’t have kids to take care of.

 Please don’t get caught up in that lie. I know when you are browsing online, it is easy to find encouragement for specifically for moms but that is because those posts are targeting that specific audience. I see lots of posts about hope for the weary mom or encouragement for busy moms, etc. Does that mean that only moms get weary or only moms are busy? No!

Please, please, please…If I could tell you one thing it would be that I know you struggle and have bad days and that is okay! You don’t have to be a mom to need encouragement when you are having a bad day…you just have to be human.

I know it’s easy to dwell on what you don’t have but in the end it is only going to steal your joy. Things don’t always work out the way you hope but don’t forget that God has great plans for you and He loves you.

Can I tell you something else dear woman? I didn’t write these words just for you, I wrote them for me too. I see you because I am you.

So as you walk into church this Sunday, I pray that you can walk in with confidence because no you may not be a mom but you are still a precious and valued daughter of the King.

A Note About Infertility: I know that many women struggle with mother’s day because of infertility. I have not personally struggled with this but it is honestly one of my greatest fears. I have known some women who have dealt with it and I know that it is not an easy road to take. If Mother’s Day is hard for you because you are struggling with infertility, please know that my heart goes out to you.

 Before you go, I want to offer you some resources that I hope are helpful.

If you need encouragement not specifically directed to moms but still applicable all women, I highly recommend you check out Holley Gerth. Holley has walked a long road of pain and struggle with not having children of her own. Holley also believes that all women are mothers because women bring life into the world in some way. She and her husband now call a young woman whom they met when she was 20 their daughter.

Here’s a post Holley wrote that was featured by Lysa TerKeurst: Hope When Mother’s Day is Hard

Here’s a beautiful post by Holley for all women: Encouragement for Every Woman, Every Mama

Dear Woman Who Feels Left Out On Mothers Day - Joyful Thrifty Home

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Apr 222015

Are You an Overwhelmed Homemaker - Joyful Thrifty Home

Dear Friends,

Has life got you down lately? Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed? Not sure how to keep moving forward?

I hear you. Sometimes I look around my home and where my life is and I wonder how did I get here? How did things get this crazy and what am I supposed to do?

When I was a little girl, I dreamed about getting married, having a family and living a life of joy and purpose.

But what I imagined doesn’t quite look like what I had thought it would. I got married to the love of my life.

And then real life happened…

…sickness, worries, financial difficulties, the never ending piles of dishes and laundry, unemployment, fighting the battle of anxiety and depression, a husband who works hard to provide, job stress, trying to stay on top of menu planning and grocery shopping…and a secret dream to run my own little business from home.

And that’s why Erin and Stephanie created the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle… because as rewarding as it is, homemaking is hard work and it doesn’t always come easily.

But before I tell you more I wanted to give a little disclaimer: This week I have been sick and not online much. If I am being honest, life lately has been just plain overwhelming. I don’t want to overwhelm you too but wanted to be sure to give you a chance to know about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle because it is only happening through next Monday. I truly believe that this is a valuable resource for you and your home.

However, I totally understand that it isn’t for everyone and I know there’s a good chance you have either already bought the bundle this week or are tired of hearing about it. If that is you, please feel free to move on to something else.

If you would like to know more please continue reading!

I can’t wait to tell you all about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

If you want to nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships with proven, simple, and effective tools that really give you a boost as a homemaker – with help, inspiration, tips, encouragement, resources at your fingertips…

… then the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is just for you.

It is a complete library of carefully selected eBooks, eCourses, audios, online conferences, and printable packs designed to help you turn your house into a homewithout all the overwhelm!

What’s in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

The first step in putting together this collection was to find the critical homemaking skills that you need to transform your house into a home.

Here they are:

  • Cleaning… create a healthy, toxin-free home
  • DIY/Homemade… fun and frugal ways to express your personal style
  • Devotionals and Faith… take a break from the daily grind to renew yourself
  • Finances… build a budget that works
  • Cooking & Meal Planning… serve easier, tastier meals in less time
  • Holidays & Special Events… brighten up old family traditions and create new
  • Homeschooling… homeschool with grace and ease
  • Marriage… heat up your marriage
  • Motherhood… find peace, balance & joy in mothering
  • Organizing… conquer the clutter and simplify your life
  • Pregnancy & Babies… enjoy a healthy pregnancy and prepare to nurture your baby
  • Health & Wellness… soothe aches & pains with natural remedies
  • Working from Home… hone your talents, live your passions and earn money to help your family

… a complete library of 99 eBooks and eCourses to help you nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships.

Are there too many books in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever taken your family out for a buffet dinner… and then been disappointed when you couldn’t eat every single morsel on display?

Of course not!

Sure. There’s that first, breath-taking moment when you see and hear and smell the amazing meal spread before you… and you think, “Where will I even start?”

But that’s the thing… because you do start… with something.

Maybe it’s a pile of creamy mashed potatoes, or a piece of delicious roast chicken, or maybe you’re like me and start with the warm homemade bread (bring on the butter!)?

So relax, enjoy, and start with whatever you feel most drawn to. Come back to the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle “buffet” as many times as you like. It’s all here for you.

Is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle worth it?

In a word… yes!

To be absolutely certain, Erin and Stephanie asked questions, tried techniques and just about drove themselves crazy making sure that the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was the very best homemaking resource anywhere.

They dug through hundreds of websites and connected with dozens of authors and teachers.

And then we all worked together to make these resources the most affordable possible.

And They Were Delighted to Help…

The result? This collection is a fraction of the price of what someone would pay for each resource individually!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a complete library of:

  • 76 eBooks
  • 6 eCourses
  • 1 audio download
  • 2 online conferences, and
  • 14 printable packs

That’s 99 carefully selected resources designed to help you nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships… for only $29.97. (A total value of $984.74.)

That breaks down to 30 cents per book.

Your 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I don’t want you to just buy the bundle because it’s a great deal. Even though I think it is. I want you to buy it because you have a desire to use it to make a difference in your life and home.

So I want you to know that if for any reason, you decide that the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is not for you, then please send an email to and we will refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked.

Don’t Forget the Bonuses…

My favorite part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is always the bonuses that pay for the cost of the bundle and then some! No Ultimate Homemaking Bundle would be complete without the generous, inspiring gifts donated by companies that understand homemakers like you. Every gift is yours to keep and enjoy.

  • Choose 1 FREE Online Class from Craftsy (Select from 24 of Their Most Popular Classes – Up to $60 Value)
  • 1 FREE Kids Discovery Box from Green Kid Crafts ($19.95 Value)
  • FREE $15 Credit to Hope Ink PLUS 2 FREE 8×10 Art Prints ($71 Value)
  • FREE 90-Day “Good Deal” Subscription to She Plans Dinner ($15 Value)
  • Choose 1 FREE Stylish Spring Scarf from Deborah & Co. ($20 Value)
  • FREE $80 Healthy Moving Class Credit ($80 Value)
  • FREE 90-Day Pro Membership to ListPlanIt ($30 Value)
  • FREE 65 Tyndale Rewards Points to Be Used for a FREE Book or Towards Any Book of Your Choice ($15 Value)

Now It’s Your Turn

I think Laura Ingalls Wilder said it best…

“Just as a little thread of gold, running through a fabric, brightens the whole garment, so women’s work at home, while only the doing of little things, is just like the golden gleam of sunlight that runs through and brightens the whole fabric of civilization.”

The proven, simple, and effective skills you need to transform your house into a home are all waiting for you in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

This is your chance to get all the love, support, guidance and inspiration you need to nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships with proven, simple, and effective tools that really give you a boost as a homemaker.

But time is running out! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle will only be available from 8:00 a.m. EST on Monday, April 20 until 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, April 27.

The sale ends in:

So act now! After that, the shopping cart closes and the deeply discounted price is gone.

Click here for more info or to buy now.

Best wishes and happy homemaking!

Disclosure: Please know that this post does contain my affiliate links so I do make a commission if you make a purchase after clicking one of those links. However, I only promote products that I feel will bring value to you which is why I love the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

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Apr 012015

God's Hand In Our Unemployment Journey - Joyful Thrifty Home

When my husband and I got married, we were both unemployed. I went back to working as a substitute teacher a couple of months later and my husband didn’t land a job until we had been married for about six months.

It was hard not knowing if we would have money to buy food or keep a roof over our heads. I dealt with immense fear every time I stepped foot into the grocery store because spending money meant we had less to rely on for other things like our electric bill and mortgage. On top of that, I hated my job and came home frustrated or in tears most of the time. I didn’t know how to deal with that while also knowing that my husband was doing his best to find a job to support us.

Beyond Unemployment…Not Always Sunshine and Daisies

I know that it was a blessing when he finally landed a job but things did not get much better. The pay was only a little more than unemployment, we still had no insurance and he was miserable because of the environment he dealt with on a daily basis which in turn made me miserable because I hated to see him in such a bad mood most of the time.

Thankfully he found a new job less than a year later and it was a much better opportunity! Then it all came crashing down in just ten months when he called me to say that he had just been laid off. Work dried up and they couldn’t afford to keep him.

I panicked. How could we handle unemployment again? Deep down I knew that God would provide but after that day I began to deal with increased anxiety, something I still struggle with to this day.

The two and a half years that followed his second lay off have been easier on us financially but still very stressful. He found some contract work and eventually was hired again but we dealt with uncertainty about his job security along with trying to understand growing concerns I had about the state of my health.

Near the end of last year, we finally decided that it was time for my husband to start looking for another job. We just couldn’t take the stress of the uncertainty anymore. He looked online and found a few possibilities but none of them seemed like they quite fit the direction he was hoping to take with a new job. He applied to one job but never heard anything.

The Perfect Job?

Then, seemingly out of nowhere he was contacted by someone whom he knew from another company through his current position asking if he would be interested in applying for a job. After reading the job description, I was honestly a bit skeptical. It seemed like a step back from where he was hoping to go not a move forward.

We talked about it some more and decided that he should at least apply and see what happens. He was quickly offered an interview! The more we thought about it, the more we realized that this could be the prefect job for him. He would be able to take his background and more recent experience and combine them into one job. Plus they needed skills that he excelled in. I began to realize that this job might be made just for him!

A few days after the interview, he was offered the job!! He was even able to negotiate a little on the salary because they believe that he has a lot to bring to this new job. I am so proud of him and where he has come in this crazy journey.

However, I would be remiss not to say that only God could have orchestrated this story in such a way. I am seeing how all the pieces and hardships are coming together to prepare us for what is to come. I don’t know what the future holds for my husband and this job but I know God lead us to this place in our journey and I trust that he will continue to lead us through whatever comes next.

Looking Ahead and Leaning On God

It has been a rough ride for many years now, especially in relation to employment. We’ve also dealt with questions about my health, depression, anxiety along with plenty of stress and uncertainty. I know that God has and will continue to use these things to shape and grow us but I am glad that I can finally see some light through the storm.

We are embarking on a new season and I am excited for some much needed changes! Along with my husbands new job we are planning to sell our condo soon and move into a house. We have decided to rent until we save up enough money for a down payment. I have been dreaming of space that gives me the freedom to enjoy the outdoors and stretch out a bit more.

Yet even with these exciting changes, I am still learning that hardships don’t just instantly go away. People get sick, death still exists, stuff breaks down and some days are just plain hard. I think one lesson I am trying to learn through all of this is that things still happen that can throw us off course but God wants nothing more than for us to lean in to him and trust that He’s got this.

Are you currently experiencing unemployment and looking for more encouragement? Check out Hope: Thriving While Unemployed by Carl and Angi Schneider

God's Hand In Our Unemployment Journey - Joyful Thrifty Home

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Feb 192015

Five Ways to Get Your Creativity Back - Joyful Thrifty Home

Creativity has always been a part of me. Craft projects were my favorite thing to do as a kid and I still love to find crafty things to do. I could literally get lost for hours in Hobby Lobby looking at all the pretty fabric, scrapbook paper, jewelry supplies and yarn. The problem is that I often have lots of ideas for a project that I want to do but I rarely find the time to actually do it so the supplies just sit around not being used.

I have craft supplies tucked all over my home including my closet, under the bed, totes in the basement and even in a basket in my living room (cleverly hiding underneath a blanket of course). As you could guess, it wouldn’t take you long to find some of my stash.

When I look at the pile of pretty fabric sitting in the corner that I hope to turn into napkins, the beautiful purple yarn I hope to make into a scarf or the empty wreath waiting to be dressed up, I am filled with joy but also sadness. You see, these things make me happy but I am sad because I have just let them sit there unused.

It’s therapeutic for me to take something simple like a piece of scrapbook paper or yarn and turn it into a beautiful work of art. There is a creative part of my soul that I have left laying dormant for far too long and I have missed it. I want to work on changing that. If you want to work on getting your creativity back too, here’s some ideas:

5 Ways to Get Your Creativity Back

1. Pick one craft you love and do it today!

What’s one craft that you wish you did more often or something you have always wanted to try? Do your best to stick to one or two, at least to start with. You can always add something else but I find that trying too many things at once usually means I rarely do any of them. I want to make more time to crochet and to write in my journal. Maybe for you it’s sewing, knitting, photography or scrap-booking.

2. Go to a craft store like Hobby Lobby or browse Pinterest to get some inspiration.

As I mentioned already, Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places to browse for inspiration. Make sure you have a specific type of project picked out before you go or you’ll get easily distracted. Since I want to crochet more, I would go to look at some yarn that I want to use to make a blanket with. I already have a journal that I made but if I didn’t I would also go to look at the scrapbook paper to find some supplies to decorate a notebook.

Pinterest can easily be a distraction or a source of frustration at all the seemingly perfect projects you can find, but it’s also a great source of inspiration. I love browsing for ideas of things I want to crochet or other crafty projects I hope to try out some day. Just make it a goal to actually try some of them and not just pin them and never do anything with it.

Check out some of my Crafty Pinterest Boards for Inspiration

3. Find something you could make to use around your home.

Not sure what to make? Think of something you could use around your home. One thing I like to make are wreaths for my front door. These are easy and don’t require a lot of skill. If you want to do a little easy sewing, you could also try making some napkins or placemats.

4. Set aside some time specifically for crafting.

One of my biggest obstacles is how I use my time so being intentional about making time for crafting is key for me. I notice that I waste a lot of time sitting at the computer mindlessly browsing Facebook. Being more conscious of this, I can free up more time in my day to do other things that need to get done as well as things like crafting that I want to do.

I want to plan on spending at least a couple of hours a week doing something crafty. Think about what times would work best for you then write it into your schedule and get crafting!

5. Find some tutorials online to help you.

Sometimes you just need a good tutorial to guide you with whatever project you are trying to make. I like to find books at the library but sometimes it’s more helpful to have someone actually showing you how to do something so I also like to search for videos online. I have found a great place to get tutorials online is through Youtube videos or Craftsy.

Craftsy is a great place to find tutorials on anything from sewing, baking, gardening, crochet, photography and more. You can find lots of free tutorials as well as more in depth courses for a fee. They also have some FREE e-guides (a $4.99 value) that you can download! Plus, with every download you will get a special discount on a related course.

11 FREE Craftsy Guides You Can Download Today!

Gardening: Success With Container Gardening

Crochet: A Beginner’s Guide to Crochet

Knitting: Knitting Stitches You Need to Know

Sewing: Sewing Stylish Pillows – Simplified

Photography: Understanding Exposure for Better Photos Now: Beginner Photography Tutorials

Cake Decorating: Not-So-Basic Buttercream Decorating Ideas

Food & Cooking: Delicious Doughnut Recipes You Can Make at Home

Paper Crafts: 6+ Stash-Busting Paper Craft Projects

Drawing: Drawing the Human Face: A Primer

Painting: Beginner’s Guide to the World of Watercolor

Woodworking: Woodturning Basics for Beginners

On top of these free guides, you can access many free mini classes as well so it’s worth a look if any of those topics interest you.

What is your favorite way to express your creativity? 

Which Craftsy guide or class do you want to try?


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