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Oct 042013
Time Management Resources

You made it to the end of the Joyful Time Management series!! I sincerely hope that you took away some valuable information. I, like many of you am still learning what successful time management looks like on my life. I know there will always be ups and downs but I have to think that we never fully arrive, even when it comes to time management. There are always areas in life that we can improve on and new goals or new dreams to strive for.

For today’s post I have compiled a list of resources for you to use to help you as you continue your journey of time management. You will find a recap of this series as well as some useful blog posts from other authors, books and a list of free printables.

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Oct 022013
10 Tips for Successful Time Management

There are only twenty four hours in a day and if you sleep for eight hours that is only sixteen that you have left to fill with other things. Managing that time can be difficult, especially if you don’t do so purposefully. The reason I started this series was to help you as I worked through how to learn to spend those hours wisely. So as we near the end of the Joyful Time Management series, I want to share with you some general tips to help you find success in managing your time. For the end of the series (look for that post this Friday) I will have a round-up of great resources to share with you.

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Sep 302013
Four Methods for Managing Your Day with Schedules and Routines

Time management and schedules often go hand in hand. While I do believe that having a schedule or routine is important to successful time management, I also believe it is important to set your priorities and goals first. Hence the reason I addressed those first in the series. So now that we have covered time management pitfalls, priorities and goals, we can address methods for schedules and routines.

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Sep 262013
The Process of Setting Goals {Joyful Time Management - Part Six}

In my last post I talked about why I like the idea of SMART goals and why it is important to set goals that are specific. Today I am going to talk a little more about the process of setting goals. One thing to keep in mind before we move on is that the purpose of your goals are to motivate you and give you a plan for success. Goals are meant to give your life purpose and direction not make you feel overwhelmed and tied down. So are you ready to start making some goals!?

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Sep 232013
Goal Setting Using SMART Goals {Joyful Time Management Part Five}

Goal setting has not been something that I do often but as I have been evaluating my time management I am realizing that it is important for many reasons. First, I know that setting goals with give me motivation and something to strive for. Second, I know that goal setting will help me to be more disciplined. And lastly, I know that goals are important to evaluating the success of my time management. So I decided I need to get going on making some goals for myself.

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