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Jan 302015
It's February! Let's Celebrate with Some Great Deals

Okay, I know February isn’t for a couple of days still, but it is right around the corner and February is a good month! I get to celebrate Valentines Day with my husband and my birthday all in the same month. I say that’s cause for some celebration so I decided to round up some great deals to share with you to start the new month. I also wanted to let you know that you should be on the lookout for some new updates from me soon as I am working like a crazy women behind the scenes on some exciting new updates for Joyful Thrifty Home that you won’t want to miss. For now, let’s get to those great deals…

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May 052014
How I Organized My Office Space for Free

One area of my home that has been really bothering me lately is the office space, also known as the corner of my dining area where the desk sits because that’s the only place it will fit. There is just enough room for the chair between the dining table and the desk so it’s a tight space.

What has made it worse is the serious lack of organization going on. Papers were piling up and it was starting to feel even more cramped. So I finally decided to do something about i!

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Apr 272014
Save Hundreds of Dollars Per Year With One Simple Habit

There are plenty of ways that you could save money in a year but in my experience, there is one thing in particular that could be the key to why so many of us waste money. what, in my opinion, is the number one reason you could be wasting money? It’s not having a consistent meal plan. Yep, meal planning is really that important. Not only does it help save you time but you will save a lot of money if you have a good plan you can work with.

I researched a bunch of articles online and from what I found, most people say that meal planning can save you anywhere from $100 to $5000 a year! That’s a pretty large number range but how much you save will depend on how consistent you are with your meal plan and how tight you are with your budget.

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Dec 162013
Christmas Activity Cards {FREE Printable}

There are a lot of fun activities to do as a way to celebrate the Christmas season. So I created this set of cards for you to print and write in some things you want to do with your family. The cards have blank spaces so you can write in specific activities. One sheet contains eight cards, feel free to print as many as you need depending on the number of activities you want to do. The activities done and to do cards are meant to be labels that you can tape or glue to an envelope as a place to keep your cards.

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