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Sep 122013

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Why Memorize Scripture

First, I should say that the goal of memorizing verses is not to fill yourself with pride in how many verses you can spout out. The goal of memorizing verses is to help you grow spiritually and to form a closer relationship God the author.  Storing his word in your heart gives you hope for when you feel let down and encouragement for when you want to quit. Above all it fills you with truth to combat all the negative lies you often hear.

There are many ways to memorize scripture but for me writing it down and looking at it often works well which is why I made memory verse cards.

Bible Memory Verse Cards

If you remember from my post about how to get more of God’s word in your daily life, I mentioned using index cards to write verses on as a way to carry God’s word with you wherever you go. I love these cards because they are simple and portable. It is also nice to have something I can write a verse down on if I come across something that speaks to me. These would be great to make with your kids as a way to help them memorizes verses as well. Best of all they are simple to make!

my verse cards

How to Make Your Own Bible Memory Verse Cards
  1. Gather some index cards. You can find them just about anywhere; Wal-Mart, Target or even the Dollar Tree. I like the pretty colored ones but white would work just fine.
  2. Punch a hole in the corner of your cards in about the same spot.
  3. Attach them with a ribbon or binder ring (I got a pack of these from Target).
  4. Find some verses you want to memorize and write them on the cards.

Now you have your own set of cards to use for memory verses!

Want to make it pretty too!?

As you will see in the above picture I have a cover card to give it a nicer look. I created this card the same size as the index cards (3×5) and printed it on photo paper so it has as smooth shiny finish. I also created some more cover designs so you can make your own verse pack!

To add it to your set, just print, cut, punch a hole in the corner and there you go!

It is best to print it on card-stock or other heavier paper as regular paper will easily curl and bend.

Free Printables

I made seven different designs for you to choose from. Three of them are sort of back to school inspired with the composition notebook look. I thought these ones would be cute for kids but obviously anyone could use them.

Feel free to print and use as many as you like, I just ask that you only use these for personal use, which basically means you can do whatever you want with them except sell something using one of my designs. Thanks!

Click here to get the full set of printable memory verse pack cover cards.

You will be taken to a PDF within Google Docs. You can view, download and print from there. There are three pages.

If you just want to print one, click the image you want to use below and you will be taken to a printable of just that one card.

Free Printable Memory Verse Pack CoverFree Printable Memory Verse Pack Cover Free Printable Memory Verse Pack Cover Free Printable Memory Verse Pack Cover Free Printable Memory Verse Pack Cover Free Printable Memory Verse Pack Cover Free Printable Memory Verse Pack Cover


I hope this helps you start or continue memorizing more bible verses.

What are some verses that you will write down to memorize?

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  1. These are really pretty :) I memorized my very first verse this week, not because I sought too but because my son is learning them in his after school Good News Club. We practice it together. It is such a special thing and he couldn’t believe I was learning my first one too. It was Luke 5:24, But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on Earth to forgive sins. As I get more into it, this may be something I will do. Thank you.
    Stephanie @ From the Burbs to the Boonies recently posted…Success! Egg-free pumpkin pieMy Profile

  2. I saw the title of this post and couldn’t wait to hop over! We’re writing today about helping kids memorize scripture and I think the printables are adorable. ( They’re going right up on my Pinterest board! Thanks

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