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May 202015
11 Things To Do When You Are Exhausted (Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood and Energy)

Have you ever had one of those days where you it’s hard to force yourself out of bed in the morning? Once you do finally stumble out of bed, you have little motivation to do anything but crawl back under the covers and sleep the day away. You look around your home and see piles of dishes and laundry taunting you but you’re too exhausted to even attempt to do anything about it.

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Mar 312014
Five Steps to Treating a Cold Naturally

I recently came down with a nasty cold. It started with a bit of a sore throat then progressed overnight to a full blown head cold. I woke up the next day completely miserable and barely able to get out of bed. My usual approach to tackling a cold like this is to reach for nasal decongestant and cold medicine. While I do still take those occasionally when needed, I have tried to move away from reaching for medicine for every little ailment.

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