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Apr 012015
God's Hand In Our Unemployment Journey

When my husband and I got married, we were both unemployed. I went back to working as a substitute teacher a couple of months later and my husband didn’t land a job until we had been married for about six months.

It was hard not knowing if we would have money to buy food or keep a roof over our heads. I dealt with immense fear every time I stepped foot into the grocery store because spending money meant we had less to rely on for other things like our electric bill and mortgage. On top of that, I hated my job and came home frustrated or in tears most of the time. I didn’t know how to deal with that while also knowing that my husband was doing his best to find a job to support us.

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Dec 012013
Don't Miss These Special Offers!

First, I just finished putting together an eBook with a couple of friends; Crystal from Wisdom Seeking Mommy and Jane from Devoted Sonriser. It is called Unwrapping the gift. It is a devotional that follows the Advent season from December 1st through Christmas. Each day focuses on a character trait or gift we have through Jesus Christ.

Also included in the eBook are printable cards to create an Advent calendar and a one page calendar that you can use to follow along with each days devotional. The best part for you us that you can currently get a FREE copy just for subscribing to my email updates. We hope that the book is a blessing to you and helps you focus on the true meaning of the season.

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Nov 142013
How to Cultivate a Heart of Gratitude During the Holidays

November seems to be the time of year that everyone is talking about giving thanks. Thanksgiving is right around the corner so it’s a good time to remember to be thankful. But giving thanks and having heart of gratitude isn’t just something to think about in November, it should be something that happens throughout the whole year. However, I do think there is something to be said about the importance of gratitude during the holidays, especially from November through the beginning of the new year.

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Oct 092013
Faith and Fellowship {Praise and Coffee Reflections}

Connecting women to encourage each other and inspiring them to draw closer to God…That’s the mission statement of Praise and Coffee. If you don’t know, Praise and Coffee is an organization that was started as a way to get women to meet together with out the boundaries of a church. I first heard about it through my mom who went to one of the groups with some ladies from her church.

I had not thought much about it until I came across their Facebook page recently and noticed they were offering an online bible study. It sounded interesting and so I joined. One day, Sue, the leader of the group posted about a praise and coffee meeting that would take place just down the road from my home. I was unsure at first, but decided I needed to go. So here’s the story of my first experience with praise and coffee.

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Sep 162013
Even More Time Management Pitfalls

In part two of the series I mentioned five pitfalls to successful time management; not having a plan, over multi-tasking, allowing yourself to become too easily distracted and procrastination. For part three I will address five more pitfalls as it specifically relates to finding joy with your time management.

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