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Nov 082013
Remembering to Give Thanks {Plus Free Printable Verse Cards}

Can you believe the first full week of November is almost over already?! It feels like time is just flying by! It’s also only 20 days until Thanksgiving. Which reminds me I need to start planning for that since the big family dinner is at our place again. I love this time of year with all the family gatherings, delicious food, decorations and holiday celebrations. I can’t wait to bake cookies, watch silly movies, listen to my favorite Christmas music and eat my husband’s cranberry chutney. But this time of year can also be very hectic. It’s easy to get caught up in all the craziness and forget to slow down to enjoy the simple things.

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Oct 292013
Healthy Recipes from Real Food Bloggers {Free Download}

Healthy Recipes from Real Food Bloggers is a set of 10 delicious real food recipes. If you aren’t sure what real food means, just think of it as making things from scratch without processed or artificial ingredients. If you are new to real food these recipes are a wonderful place to start! They are all simple to prepare and you can feel good about making them.

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